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iHeir Anti-mold&mildew 

Power Pak

In the process of selling and transporting shoes, bags, handbags, leather goods, clothing, furniture, household goods, handicrafts, light industry products and food, the most disturbing thing is that the products are mouldy,duo to the effect of the regional climate.In the past, people used to place desiccants in the package, or to put imported plastic anti-mold chips and other adhesive anti-mold chips in order to avoid mold.

Desiccants can create a dry environment by using the moisture absorption of the silica gel and other raw materials, so as to achieve the mildew-proof function.However, desiccants cannot absorb a large amount of water or prevent the growth of the mold, because the packaging environment is unsealed, and they have large amounts of water.

The chlorine dioxide from the imported plastic anti-mold chips can be released by the moisted plastic package. The anti-mold chips use plastic encapsulated agents, whose release effects are not good, so if the moisture is much too high, the release of the chlorine dioxide will damage the quality of the product, for example, changing the colors of the products and making the hardware get rusty.

The adhesive anti-mold chips,which have been popular recently, are cheaper than the imported anti-mold chips, but the mould-proof effects are not obvious.In fact, the adhesive anti-mold chips have mould-proof effects that last for 1 to 2 months.The absorbing amount of the chemicals is very limited, and the release of the chemicals can be controlled by adhesive bonding,so if the product is not used properly, the exposure of the chemical will be too fast in the air, and it will be risky after 24 hours or more. In addition, the amount of the adhesive chemicals very limited,which are unable to achieve mould-proof effects for a long time.

The high-efficient and environmental-friendly iHeir Anti-mold & mildew Power Pak  is the high-tech product developed by iHeir, and it has been applied for the patents for multiple projects at home and abroad. Its component, Allylisothiocyanate, which is a type of mustard oil collected from horseradish and mustard, can not only prevent the growth of the mould and the bacteria and the reproduction of the mold,but also has repellency effects on small flies and other pests. Its anti-mold mechanism is to sublime Allylisothiocyanate into the packing environment of the product at normal temperature,with the help of the fluidity of the gas evenly distributing in all space,in order to kill the mold such as penicillium, aspergillus, and mucor, and create an environment that is not conducive to the growth of the mold.  The anti-mold effect of the product is very obvious during the protection period.

Effects and toxicity:

The experiments made by many test departments such as SGS, ITS, BV, and TUV and the practical use can prove that iHeir Anti-mold & mildew Power Pak can play an anti -mold role for 12 months, and it can protect items from being mouldy during the using period.Its toxicity is lower than salt , and it has no dimethyl fumarate (DMF), and acquires the European Union’s REACH certification, making it the high-efficient and environmental-friendly product. Compared with any other mould-proof products, it not only has no stimulation to the skin , but also does less harm to the environment, making the first one to obtain certification of green environmental protection.

This high-efficient and environmental-friendly product uses sustained-release technology,in order to make the anti-mold factors has continuous effects,and the effects of killing mold are obvious.
The environment-friendly iHeir Anti-mold&mildew Power Pak totally meets the test standards of anti-mold (d4576-86),which was approved by the American Society for testing and materials in 1996. iHeir’s anti-mold agents also meet with this standard.

iHeir Anti-mold & mildew Power Pak is used for the mould-proof of the shoes, bags, handbags, leather goods, clothing, furniture, household goods, handicrafts, light industry products and food,and it has the advantages of high security and cheap price. It can also inhibit a variety of fungi and yeast, which is widely used in the products that need mould-proofing, such as leather goods,textiles,household goods, sports equipment and light industry products.

1.Put the product into the package box. At the same time, put the iHeir Anti-mold&mildew Power Pak, and the package box should be put into the outer box as soon as possible.

2.The damaged or moistened outer box can affect the mold-proof effect of this agent.When considering being caught in the rain during long-distance transportation, the plastic bags should be put in the carton for protection.

3.After the package box is put in the Carton, iHeir Anti-mold & mildew Power Pak can kill the mold of the carton for 72 hours. After that the Carton has no mildew,and this anti-mold effect can lasted for 12 months or more before opening the box.

4.This anti-mold series uses the gas released from Allylisothiocyanate,with the help of the strong penetration and strong irritation as the processing mechanism.If the hardware becomes rusty during use,it is very important to do dry treatment or put iHeir Anti-mold Desiccant (PowerDryer).

5.After sealing for over 15 days,if you want to open the package to check, the gas from the Anti-mold & mildew Power Pak can be gradually ceased without any smell,so it is important to use Power Pak again after checking,in order to ensure the anti-mold effects.

6.After putting iHeir Anti-mold&mildew Power Pak into the package box, its gas can be released and distributed inside the package box,so it has the same effects when putting in every position of the package box

7.This product is a natural extract, which meets with the safety food-grade standards. It is also very clean and safe to use, which has no negative effects on humans and materials.

8.This product has strong irritation,so when using this product, please keep ventilated in the workplaces,and wear rubber gloves during operation.When the bag is used, a small part of the bag is opened, and the bag can not be opened all the time.

9.Do not contact with the eyes and nose in order to avoid excessive stimulation. If you accidentally touch it, please rinse with water immediately.

10.This anti-mold chip is kept for 1 year. Please store it in a dry, ventilated, and low temperature environment, and keep away from fires.


Appendix:Excellent antibacterial effects on various microbes-



Algae Fungus


Chlorella ˙ aspergillus

˙ niger

˙ Lactobacillus Chlorella in Taihu ˙ Aspergillus

˙ flavus

˙ Bacillus

˙ subtilis

Brown algae ˙ Aspergillus

˙ terreus

  Green algae S ˙ Aspergillus

˙ verruca



Green algae P ˙ Trichoderma
˙ Salmonella

˙ cholerae

  ˙ Penicillium
˙ Salmonella typhi yeast ˙ Trichophyton
˙ Escherichia coli Saccharomyces cerevisiae ˙ Genus buds
˙ Mycobacterium

˙ tuberculosis

Candida albicans ˙ Trichoderma
˙ Pseudomonas

˙ aeruginosa

  ˙ The genus

˙ aspergillus

˙ Gas producing

˙ bacilli




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